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University Student Ombudsman

The University Student Ombudsman (USO) will independently and impartially review student grievances which have not been resolved by the department or faculty.  If you have taken all reasonable steps to resolve your grievance within your faculty or department and remain dissatisfied you may contact the USO.

The USO will generally make informal enquiries to decide whether an investigation is required. If the matter warrants further action the USO may independently investigate the grievance. S/he has authority to consult with staff, inspect documents and obtain independent legal advice.   Following a formal investigation the USO will make recommendations for resolution of the grievance to the Provost.

The USO will also make recommendations for changes in university practices to prevent recurrences of similar complaints and grievances.  The USO will report annually to the University Council on types of student complaints and grievances and on the overall operation of the Complaints and Grievance policy and procedures.

Complaints and grievances



Discrimination and Harassment

The University Student Ombudsman, Independent, Impartial, Confidential, Fair